Score! Hero Cheats – Hack and Tips for Beginners

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There are plenty of soccer games in the play stores today, but none of them can live up to the greatness that is Score! Hero. This game, which focuses on you as a player, is the most fleshed out soccer game that we’ve played so far.

This game strayed from typical soccer games where you get to experience what it’s like to step into the shoes of greats like Messi or Ronaldo. With Soccer! Hero, you just get to be you. The game gives you a chance to rise up to the ranks and reach the status of your heros. This game doesn’t just give you a feel of what it’s like to be the best, it also lets you experience the journey and the glory of making it big yourself, not as Messi or Ronaldo.

Of course, don’t expect it to be smooth sailing. The saying no guts, no glory definitely applies to Score! Hero. Here are a couple of tips to ease your hard journey to success.

Look at it from afar

The game gives you the option to zoom in and out to follow your players on the field. The game has a lot of controls, and you’ll need time to get used to them but once you memorized them, you’re thoughts will change from figuring out which buttons to press to strategizing your next moves.

Passing is one of the hardest moves in the game, as it is in real-life soccer. The game gives you plenty of passing options to choose from. The trick is to zoom out. Make sure you can see every player in the field before deciding which pass to make.

Accomplish death defying curved shots

If you’re a fan of soccer, you’ve probably imagined yourself scoring those gravity defying curved shots that’s way too fast for the goalkeeper to intercept. Since there’s probably no way you can make them happen in real life, pour your heart and soul in making them happen here in this game. Other than getting the score, you’re also going to be treated to a screaming crowd and a pretty good animation of your shot.

It won’t be easy to make them happen, and you’ll need to be in a pretty decent level to even start practicing them. But they’re something to look forward to in the game. And they’re near impossible for goalkeepers to stop, so your point is almost guaranteed.

Don’t be too eager to show off

The game is very realistic. In a sense that you actually really begin as a bench warmer for a non-major club in the game. Of course, you’ll eventually get your big break as the game progressed but take the experience and stay low and humble in the beginning.

One of the best advice we can give you in this game is to save your energy. You’ll eventually find yourself in the middle of that field chasing the ball, so don’t be too eager to show off. Save your strength for when your time in the spotlight comes.

Be a team player

Score! Hero tried its best to incorporate many aspects of real soccer into the game. While its main goal is to make you a superstar, it also wants you to remember that there are 11 players with you on that field. You can’t be famous without winning, and you can’t win by yourself. Soccer is a team game in real life as it is in this virtual game.

Of course, you should try to show off when the opportunity presents itself. But as a player on that team, you should also play your part to contribute to your team’s overall success. Learn to pass the ball to your teammates even if it means that you won’t get the winning shot. The most important thing is to get the ball in and score the point.

Of course, you still shouldn’t’ abandon your quest for glory. If you see a clear shot, and you think you can get it, then by all means, take it.

Don’t waste your money on rewinds

The fastest way to spend all that money is on rewinds. Sure, they’re beautiful and you were awesome but watching it again and again won’t exactly get you farther in the game.

Save your money for useful upgrades and features. Plus, occasionally the game gives you free rewinds, so just wait for those to pop up instead of spending your hard-earned money.

Don’t be afraid to send the ball in even when you’re far away

Score! Hero is a strategy and skills game that would force you to try different situations and strategies just to get that ball past that goalkeeper. If you haven’t realized it yet sending the boal over from the corner of the field has a higher chance of going over the keeper.

You should try and send shots like these over every time you’re in the right position. The hack is to target an area outside the goalie. No matter how hard the goalkeeper tries to chase that ball, the chances of him reaching it is slim.

Another great soccer move to practice in the game is the corner kick. It won’t be easy to accomplish, but it’s pretty great once you manage to make it happen.

Repeat the level until you do extremely well in it

This game gives you a rating everytime you finish a task. The best you can get is 3 but don’t expect it. Unless you did extremely well with that task, you’re probably not going to get that high rate. Don’t worry, the game is very generous in giving players a second chance to try and up their scores. You can keep repeating that level until you get the 3 star rating. It won’t even cost you anything, not even money.

Money fuels the game

The ingame money (Hero Bux) that you earn as you win matches can be used to unlock exciting features in the game. Sadly, no matter how many matches you win, the Hero Bux that you earn from them is just too little that it’s almost impossible for you to unlock the best features in the game. Don’t worry, the game lets you earn more money through other ways. For one, you can link it to Facebook. That would earn you a decent amount of reward money. Another way is to watch the video advertisements that occasionally pop up in the game. You’ll get money rewards after finishing each of them. You can always google for Score Hero hack and enjoy unlimited Hero Bux if you just want to have a nice fast game without spending too much time by playing it to achieve one or another goal.

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