What does 5 bar mean on a watch? (2024)

What does 5 bar mean on a watch?

The 5 atm water rating on a wristwatch

A wristwatch is designed to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet, including metal bands, leather straps, or any other kind of bracelet. A pocket watch is designed for a person to carry in a pocket, often attached to a chain.
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depicts that the timepiece can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 50 meters before it suffers water damage. The 5 bar/ atm watch can be taken swimming for brief periods of time, worn in the shower or the rain but should never be used for water sports of any kind.

What can you do with a 5 bar watch?

5 BAR / 5 ATM / 50m / 165ft:

Your watch can withstand splashes, shower and is suitable for swimming. It is not suitable for water sports, pool-side diving or sea diving.

What is the difference between 5 bar and 10 bar watches?

5 bar, 5 ATM, 50 Meter (50M) water resistant withstands shower water. 10 bar, 10 ATM, 100 Meter (100M) water resistant is suitable for swimming and water sports. 20 bar, 20 ATM, 200 Meter (200M) water resistant is suitable for professional sports. Deep diving is recommended only to do with a divers watch.

Can I go swimming with a 5 ATM watch?

5ATM will withstand pressures equivalent to about 50 meters, or 164 ft under water. It is important to note that this is a measure of pressure NOT depth. 5ATM doesn't mean the watch can be used diving to a depth of 50 meters. Note: The watch can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

What is the difference between 3 bar and 5 bar watches?

A Water Resistant of 3 bar or ATM / 30m, has a very low resistance, able to withstand rain, sweat and accidental splashes of water when washing hands or face. A 5 bar or ATM / 50m Water Resistant can be subjected to limited water pressure, so you can take a shower or bath and swim.

Can you shower with a 5 bar watch?

The 5 atm water rating on a wristwatch depicts that the timepiece can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 50 meters before it suffers water damage. The 5 bar/ atm watch can be taken swimming for brief periods of time, worn in the shower or the rain but should never be used for water sports of any kind.

Can I swim with a 10 bar watch?

General water resistant watches should not be used underwater. 100 meters/ 328 feet/ 10 bar: are often called divers watches and can be used for snorkeling, swimming, and other water sports, but not high board diving or sub aqua diving.

Can you submerge a 5 bar watch?

If your watch is rated to 50 meters/5bar or less, it should only be subject to accidental splash; hand washing, dishes, etc. Never submerge it intentionally. If your watch is rated to 100 meters/10bar, it is suitable for surface swimming. If your watch is rated 200 meters/20bar, it is suitable for skin diving.

Can you swim with a 6 bar watch?

By way of explanation: an IWC watch with an indicated water-resistance of 1 bar is protected against splashing water. With water-resistance of 3 bar, the watch can be worn when swimming or skiing, and at 6 bar it will have no problem with water sports or snorkelling.

How long is 5 ATM water-resistant?

What is 5ATM and what does this mean for my Samsung Device? The above devices have been certified to 5ATM standards. This means that they are water resistant to up to 50 metres in depth for 10 minutes.

How good is Fossil brand?

Is Fossil A Luxury Brand? No – while they offer great quality for the money, Fossil is not a luxury brand. A luxury brand watch generally exists in its own category defined by superior materials, lower production runs, proprietary functions/manufacturing practices, higher price points, and more.

Which watch is waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 2 and later have a water-resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. Apple Watch Ultra has a water-resistance rating of 100 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010 and is EN13319-compliant. Apple Watch Series 7 and later are rated IP6X dust resistant.

What are the most popular watch sizes?

Historically, men's watches were between 34-36mm while women's watch sizes were even smaller. Today, the average men's wristwatch sizes are between 38-46mm. Anything smaller than 38mm is often found for women's watches, although that doesn't mean women can't wear larger watches.

How do I choose a high end watch?

How To Choose A Watch
  1. Consider The Movement. If you're showing off your new watch, the first thing any watch snob will do, instead of admiring the dial, is to turn it over. ...
  2. Set Your Budget. How much to spend and what will that get you? ...
  3. Consider Your Own Character. ...
  4. Complicate Things. ...
  5. Choose Your Strap.

Can I swim with a 3 ATM watch?

3 ATM: A watch with a 3ATM rating means that your watch is water resistant in the case of slight exposure to water such as when you wash your hands or when it rains. Your watch will withstand occasional splashes such as hand washing or rain. We recommend removing it during a shower or swim to avoid damage.

Can you wear a Rolex in the shower?

All you have to do after diving or a day at the beach is simply to rinse your watch with fresh water to remove any salt and sand deposits: wearing your watch while showering at the end of the day should do the trick. The Oyster case of your Rolex protects it from water and makes it completely dustproof and waterproof.

What is a 10 bar watch?

10 bar = 100 metres. You should not take your watch swimming unless it says 10 bar or 100M or more in water resistance. Anything less and basically it can handle humidity, rain, or splashes of water while you're doing the dishes.

Can I wear my watch in a hot tub?

Depending on the water temperature, it is recommended that the watch be removed for these types of activities, such as wearing it in a hot tub. For example, heating the watch to elevated temperatures can also lead to increased failure and expand the water seals.

Can a dive watch be an everyday watch?

They are typically made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium, which are known for their durability and corrosion resistance. This means that a dive watch can handle the wear and tear of everyday use, whether you're wearing it to the office, the gym, or on outdoor adventures.

How deep can a watch go in water?

Dive Watches

This states that a watch should have a minimum depth rating of 100 meters, which is ok for snorkeling and swimming, but for serious dives, it is best to have a watch that is water-resistant to at least 200 or 300 meters.

What rating watch for swimming?

50m/165ft - 100m/330ftLight poolside swimming
100m/330ft - 200m/660ftSwimming, snorkeling, showering (no hot water)
200m/660ft - 500m/1650ftImpact water sports such as board diving and scuba diving
500m/1650ft+Appropriate for serious deep water diving.
2 more rows

What is the most common size for a man's watch?

Typically, men's watches tend to range between 38mm to 46mm and women's from 26mm and 36mm. Those that sit outside these ranges could appear too large or too small however, personal preference can come into play should you prefer the oversized look for your watch.

Is a 40mm watch too big for a woman?

Recommended Size

It is recommended to have a watch with 34mm – 40mm cases for women while men's watches should be 40mm – 46mm cases. On the other hand, watches with 38mm – 42mm cases are now popularly known as unisex sizes and are recommended for those who prefer a neither too big nor too small dial.

What watch is too big for my wrist?

The watch size for men are usually between 38mm and 46mm in size. Anything larger than 46mm quickly comes across as overly large. And anything smaller than 38mm is usually for women. By measuring your wrist and using the following size chart, you know exactly which size watch case is suitable for your wrist.

Can I soak my watch in alcohol?

Avoid using an alcohol solution, which could cause permanent damage to these materials. Be sure to concentrate on the moving parts (e.g., bracelet links) and uneven areas. Then leave it to dry, without wiping the watch. The wipe is disposable and must be thrown away after use.


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