Is Chainsaw Man worth watching? (2024)

Is Chainsaw Man worth watching?

“Chainsaw Man” is undoubtedly worth watching, especially if you are looking for something new that is not too much of a commitment. With incredible animation, accurate soundtracks, and amazing voice acting, the series could easily be considered one of the best anime of 2022.

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Was Chainsaw Man worth the hype?

This anime received a lot of attention before it was released, and the series has more than justified all the hype. Whether in terms of hyper-realistic fight sequences or robust character arcs, Chainsaw Man has already earned the respect of anime fans around the world.

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Is Chainsaw Man anime overhyped?

Chainsaw Man's sheer popularity is not completely unwarranted. The anime has a lot going for it, and at its core, the story has real potential. Moreover, as an ongoing title, it's not too late to reverse direction on some aspects or further develop key characters and events.

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Why is Chainsaw Man getting so popular?

Makima has a unique bossy personality which is not common in the shonen genre of anime and manga. On top of that, Tatsuki Fujimoto made sure to draw her as attractive as possible. Thanks to that, she became quite popular, not only in the fandom but in the manga community as well.

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Is Chainsaw Man good for non anime fans?

The Daily Stream: Chainsaw Man Is Worth Checking Out, Even If You Don't Watch Anime. The pitch: Based on the popular manga series of the same name, "Chainsaw Man" is a totally bonkers action-adventure anime series with horror overtones, lots of laughs, and characters you can't help but fall in love with.

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Which is better Chainsaw Man or Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen feels more stable and cohesive as a shonen series, while still surprising fans with bizarre new developments and ongoing mysteries. The curses are also cooler and scarier than Chainsaw Man's devils, including the volcanic Jogo and the flesh-warping monster Mahito.

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Is Chainsaw Man more popular than One Piece?

Chainsaw Man overtakes One Piece to become the most-read manga on MANGA Plus. With Chainsaw Man's popularity rocketing with the release of its anime adaptation, Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man manga has managed to dethrone Eiichiro Oda's One Piece to become the most-read manga on MANGA Plus.

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Is Chainsaw Man disgusting?

Chainsaw Man tends to get bloody and disgusting, but the obnoxious repulsiveness of one particular scene will make people suffering from emetophobia want to skip it altogether.

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Does Chainsaw Man show anything inappropriate?

There's some partial nudity and sexual content; one scene shows the back of a naked woman. Throughout the show, sex is referenced as the main character's primary motivation.

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Why is Chainsaw Man anime censored?

As such the anime has featured some incredibly sexually charged moments. Denji's style of fighting using chainsaws to cut up his enemies also leads to some incredibly gory fight scenes. All this makes Chainsaw Man much more explicit and mature than other Shonen series like My Hero Academia.

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Why is Chainsaw Man so cringe?

One major complaint viewers had with Chainsaw Man is the voice acting. According to Reddit users, the characters sound too much as if they are reading the script. This removes any immersion or depth from the series, as it sounds forced and too obvious that the VAs are acting.

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Is Chainsaw Man sexualized?

Chainsaw Man has a track record of being graphically bloody and explicit. However, it has never shied away from gory or sexual content. It's almost a feature of the story, as the sheltered Denji discovers the people around him are just as messed up as he is.

Is Chainsaw Man worth watching? (2024)

Will Chainsaw Man be the best anime?

So far, the Chainsaw Man anime ranks highly on MyAnimeList, and as of this writing, it ranks #26 among the top anime series on that site. This proves Chainsaw Man to be one of the community's favorite series of all.

Did Chainsaw Man do poorly in Japan?

Selling only 1,735 copies in its first week in Japan, the Chainsaw Man fandom is currently stressing over whether the series will receive a second season. As physical media becomes a thing of the past, many rely on streaming platforms and other methods of watching anime.

What style of anime is Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man
チェンソーマン (Chensō Man)
GenreAction Comedy horror Dark fantasy
Written byTatsuki Fujimoto
Published byShueisha
19 more rows

Is Chainsaw Man a flop?

Chainsaw Man could have been a successful shounen anime, it had all the elements for it. But given the kind of reception it has received I think it will end up being just another forgotten shounen anime. It's definitely a flop in my books. The manga is more goofy and has a less serious atmosphere than the anime.

Is Chainsaw Man better than aot?

Humor and Tone Separates Chainsaw Man from Attack on Titan

Amid the despair, Chainsaw Man boasts a sense of style and slickness that's even greater than the high-flying animation used in Attack on Titan.

Is Tokyo Ghoul or Chainsaw Man better?

Chainsaw Man's Denji and Tokyo Ghoul's Ken Kaneki both have serious merit as memorable, monstrous half-others, but in the end, Ken Kaneki is the better hero.

Can Chainsaw Man beat Tanjiro?

When Denji/Chainsaw Man and Tanjiro are directly compared in terms of skill and expertise, it's clear that Tanjiro has the advantage. Both leads have proven their worth against monsters such as the bat devil, the leech devil, and demons like Enmu and Kyogai, but Tanjiro has formal training to back him up.

Did Boruto surpass One Piece?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just released chapter 80 and the fanbase is incredibly hyped as the manga has now overtaken One Piece in terms of the views it has garnered on the official manga platform - Shueisha's MANGA Plus. This manga series has 835,291 reads while One Piece has 758,472 reads.

What is the most popular ship in Chainsaw Man?

Ever since Aki and the Angel Devil met in the "Katana Man" arc, fans of the series have celebrated their connection, referring to the pair as "AkiAngel." AkiAngel is the number one Chainsaw Man ship, with fanfiction written about it on the popular fanwork site Archive of Our Own (AO3).

Is Chainsaw Man a depressing anime?

Even though Chainsaw Man has its lighthearted moments, the series is riddled with death. Some deaths just hit harder than others. Even if Chainsaw Man has many lighthearted moments, this manga/anime series is one of the most tragic in recent publications.

Should I read Chainsaw Man or anime?

Start Reading Chainsaw Man Manga After Anime

But you should first watch the Chainsaw Man anime till its finale if you haven't already. Not to forget, there are still several facts about Denji in Chainsaw Man that you might miss out on even while reading the manga.

Is Chainsaw Man banned in the US?

rumors of Chainsaw Man being cancelled in America. spread like wildfire, but of course. this rumor isn't true.

Is Jujutsu Kaisen appropriate?

Parents need to know that Jujutsu Kaisen is a violent, dark fantasy anime based in a world of demons and curses. There is blood and fantasy violence. Demons/creatures throughout the show could be scary and uncomfortable at times.


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