Watch That Attract Women - What They Want You To Wear And Don't (2024)

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Does a watch attract women? Our first answer would be “YES”, but this does require some explanation, so that you are not misinterpreted. In this blogpost you discover which watches attract women and especially why they like certain watches. This information is based on our own research and experience. We are very curious about your opinion, so share your experiences below in a message.

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Women often do not recognize watches, but do feel attraction.

If you expect a certain men’s watch to have a magnetic attraction to women, we must unfortunately disappoint you. Many women will not easily recognize a watch brand. Therefore, you also have to wear well-known watch brands, such as Rolex and Omega, for yourself. Compare it a bit with the bag or shoes of a woman, how much influence does such a brand have on you as a man?

However, you can certainly earn extra points with the right watch. It is not so much about the brand, but about the composition of the watch. In addition, the completion on your outfit and appearance is much more important than the watch itself.

“Watches are for men who can not drive their car in the bar”

– a female watch journalist once said.

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Stand out and shine for women attraction

In order to attract women, you first want to stand out. Obviously, a large, gold-colored watch is more striking than a classic men’s watch in silver. These large, shiny watches get the most comments quickly, but what does this say about you and the kind of women you attract? Therefore, carefully consider what your personality is and what you want to radiate.

If you prefer a stylish men’s watch, you can also put on a beautiful suede watch band in a striking color, such as green or red. Do you want to appear confident with a sports watch or emphasize a relaxed attitude with a minimalist watch? That is much more important than choosing a watch that is most striking.

What women find most attractive to a watch

From all the comments we received, it is often the total picture. Women have an eye for detail and will definitely notice if the watch strengthens your outfit. Think for example of a silver watch case with a different silver accessory. Or how about ablue dialthat matches blue shoes or blue belt? You can also consider whether the color of your skin matches the color of the watch. Some watches can be beautiful in hand, but not on the wrist.

Therefore, we see a watch as icing on the cake. The accessory that completes the outfit. A watch is the personal detail that adds that extra bit of style. Whether your taste tends more towards cool or classic, let the details match the rest of your outfit.

Watch That Attract Women - What They Want You To Wear And Don't (2024)
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