Top Eleven Hacks – Few Simple Cheats to Level Up Faster

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The hit football team managing game, Top Eleven, is getting a sequel. If you’re a fan of the first game, you shouldn’t have a hard time migrating to the latest version. The game retained its game play. It also allows players to transfer their progress from the old version to the new one. Nordeus, the game’s creator, was all about ensuring that players get to feel the same feeling playing the original game as they would in this 2019 release. Looking at online reviews, they really seem to have accomplished that.

In this article, we’ll discuss tips and hacks to help you and your team advance faster. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your first steps into Top Eleven or an experienced player, these tips can surely help you out. So read each of them carefully and apply them in your game.

Keep evolving as a Top Eleven Manager

It’s a given that strong players can help you win the game. This doesn’t mean that you, as a manager, don’t have the power to help them achieve victory when they’re already in the field. You can send out scouts to survey the other team and help your players get extra ready before going into a match.

If your scout came back reporting that the other team has strong defenses, prepare your team a strategy that focuses on aggressive attacks. Do the same if you hear that the other team has extremely weak defenses. Feed on their weakness and have a game plan ready to square up to where they’re strongest.

Don’t wait to find out what your opponent is good or bad at. Always send a scout to spy for you before every match. Make a habit of doing it.

And don’t be afraid to change strategies. The AI in the game will automatically move players and make decisions for you. However, this won’t guarantee you a win, and the results won’t be half as good as if you were the one who made the strategy and those decisions yourself.
It’s understandable for you to miss some of our matches. In those cases, the AI will take over for you. That’s why it’s better to be present when they happen.

When you’re playing a match yourself, try to assign a substitute for many of your players. Don’t stick to a single plan throughout the game, learn and learn fast. If you feel that your current tactic isn’t working, abandon it and assemble another plan.

Join player events

These events usually last longer than the big game events but that’s because they’re harder to achieve. Instead of participating in matches, these events usually have just one or two requirement that you need to accomplish to get a reward. For example, a past player event offered huge rewards to the top scorer of the entire league. In order to win this, you just have to focus on a single player and use all your resources to keep energized in the game and boost his score count. If you succeed, and your player wins the prestigious title of top scorer, your team will get rewards almost the same as the ones awarded to teams who win the game events. Plus, your entire team will get free rests and your winning player, a significant rise in finishing.

You can’t win every events like these but think about how much stronger you’ve forced your player to become. That’s going to come in handy in matches so you didn’t really lose anything at all.

Join events

Sometimes to keep the hype up the game’s creator, Nordeus, runs events for Top Eleven that would offer players huge rewards for winning. These events only last for a short time. When they open up, quickly ready your team and compete. Usually, fatigue and morale doesn’t matter during events like these, they won’t affect your players while you’re competing. Rewards vary from treatments, rests, tokens, or morale boosters. All of these items are important in matches and getting them for free would help a lot. You’re not losing anything in participating so even if the odds are against you, you should still at least try.

Acquire new players

In the Top Eleven, you can either buy brand new players in the scouting tab or bid for new ones in the negotiations tab. Players from the scouting tab will only cost you tokens while those in the negotiations tab will cost you both tokens and common currency.

Be careful not to spend too much for a player. Take his skills into account when deciding whether or not he’s worth paying for. Make sure you can use him in matches. Preferably, choose players under 30 years old. Fatigue catches up fast to players older than that.

Avoid shortcut options

As much as you can, try to avoid both Quick training and rest players options. Rest players can make your players rest faster, but it will cost you 10 rests. Those aren’t easy to earn, and you shouldn’t just throw them around like that. Save this option for the future. When you’re preparing for an important battle, and you need all the advantage that you can get.

The other option, Quick Training, can make your players stronger in a short amount of time. This option works a little, but it doesn’t exactly get you the best results. Nothing beats regular training. It’s best to push your players to level up the regular and slow way. That way your results are more lasting and more guaranteed.

Get free tokens using FB

If you’re not using Top Eleven Hack, then Connect your game to Facebook and get five free tokens. It will require you to post your achievements on your wall before giving you the reward. After you get the reward, you can always just delete the post.

Upgrade your facilities

Common currency (Tokens) is hard to earn. No matter what you do, tokens will never be enough. Once you start to play against great teams, you’ll start burning the ones that you have faster than you can earn them. To earn more common currency, keep upgrading your facilities. Do it regularly and start as early as you can. Stack up on common currencies so you’ll have more to use later in hard matches.

Avoid rescheduling matches

One of the new features that come with the Top Eleven 2019 version is the ability to reschedule matches. This way, you can supervise every game that your team will play. However, they don’t come for free. They cost two tokens. Plus, they have limitations. The new time can’t be earlier than the time that you have now. At most, you can only move a match to the next day.

While it’s understandable that you want to be there for all of your team’s games, it’s not good to keep using tokens to reschedule your matches. If your scout tells you that the opponent is weaker than you, leave the AI to fight them off. Don’t waste your tokens. You can use them for better things than that.

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