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If you’re using an iPhone, you’ve probably heard of Soccer Stars. It’s one of the most popular soccer games in iOS. It lets you pick your own flag and battle it out with players from all over the world. It’s a strategy game where each side gets to move a player per turn. You’ll see your players in the screen donning your flag, shaped like bottle caps. If you’ve ever come across the game 8 ball pool, then you’ll find this game easy to understand. They’re made by the same company, Miniclip, and share a similar game play.

How to play Soccer Stars:

The game is simple. Players take turns making a move. Each turn is 30 seconds long. In that time, you have to be able to move a single bottle cap in the field. Then it’s your opponent’s turn to do the same. Whoever has the most score when the timer runs out, wins.

The game got plenty of praises for its near realistic physics. So whenever you’re going to make your move try to imagine how a bottle cap would move in real life. If you ever played the bottle cap game skully, this shouldn’t be hard for you to do.

You can play this game online and offline. If you go online, you will fight against players from all over the world. The opponents are randomly assigned by the game. You can connect using your Facebook account or a Google plus account, if you have one. If you don’t really want that kind of commitment, but you still want to give the game a try, enter as a guest. You can always just create an account later.

Winning matches could earn you rewards. It would also take you to different places. You’ll get a chance to play in vectorized version of many famous soccer sites. So what are your waiting for? Download the game and start playing.

Here are some tips that can help you secure victory in any of your matches:

  • Crash into your opponents

Maximize your numbers. Leave three players to guard your goalie and use the other two to get closer to the opposite goalie. Once you’re close to the enemy’s defenders, ram one player to a defender to open up a wide-open space to the goalie. Have your other player kick the ball straight into the goal. This strategy is hard to achieve, but it works. You really just need to be patient and to think fast to make it happen.

  • Choose your formation wisely

Formation one: 1-2-1

This formation focuses on blocking the goal. Don’t go with this formation unless you’re already really skilled in playing the game. It’s full of holes. For one thing, this formation makes attacking really hard. There’s a huge chance your attacks will get caught up in your own net. Plus, the way you positioned the defending bottle caps, leaves an obvious opening at the middle. Your opponent can just simply kick the ball in between your first and your second defending players.

Formation two: 2-1-1

If you’re really heavy on defense, go with the second formation. This is one of the best formations to go with especially if you’re a beginner that just started playing the game. It would totally lock your goal and prevent every ball from getting through. The downside to this formation is that it also limits your capability to attack. With this formation, you’re going to have a hard time sending the ball over to the enemy’s goalie. And of course, you still need at least one goal to win the match. If you choose to go with this one, just be smart about it. Mastering this formation can help you get way farther in the game.

Formation three: 2-0-2

The third formation divides the players to two equal parts. It gives the team equal chances to defend and attack. While this might seem like a balanced strategy, it actually leaves the middle part of the goalie open and undefended. If you only dedicate half your forces to defending your goal, expect the strength of your defenses to also only be half. This formation is good but only if you know exactly what you’re doing. You mostly see it being executed by veteran players.

Formation four: 1-1-2

Use this formation when you want to aggressively attack. It utilizes all your players to attack and get a score. The downside is that it leaves your goal with very little defense. Your enemy could easily slip a goal into that goalie without any trouble. Only use this formation in desperate times. It rarely helps players win matches.

When you start the game, the default formation is the first one. Remember to set up your desired formation before starting any matches.

  • Focus on your defenses

The best strategy in this game is to use only a single player to score and to leave the rest to defend the goalie. This is going to make things slow, but it will almost guarantee you a win. The opponent can’t win the game without a score. And even if they closely guard your one attacker, you’ll get a lucky shot in at some point in time. Then you can just focus on not letting your opponent score and wait for the time to run out. This strategy looks really simple, but it works.

  • Angles do matter

Remember the game air hockey? If you do, think in Soccer Stars about its puck’s physics every time it’s your turn to hit the ball. Think about how the puck bounces off of the edge of the table before sliding on the goal under your opponent’s arm. In soccer stars, try to play the ball as you play that puck. Bounce it off of walls and slide it in your opponent’s goal.

Strategize your angle to achieve the perfect shot. It’s most likely that your opponent would only anticipate straight and diagonal shots from you. Switching from those and bouncing shots would make you unpredictable and mess up their formation.

Don’t take chances in real matches. Soccer Stars has a practice offline feature that lets you master some moves before attempting them in an actual live match. Tap the button at the top right area of the screen to enter practice mode. There you go! That’s not all the tips we can give you on Soccer Stars. Search for Soccer Stars Hack on the internet to find best way in earning coins and bucks to progress faster in game. We hope it helps you in your journey to become the best of the best in Soccer stars.

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