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Posted by CheatsRoom on Friday, June 14, 2019

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If you’re itching for a great new strategy game, and you’re starting to get tired of the typical redundant gameplay, check out OSM (Online Soccer Manager) from Gamebasics. It’s a refreshing new take on the soccer team managing gameplay that we got used to in Football Manager and Championship manager. Other than just arranging line ups for each soccer match, you’re given the freedom to do more for your team.

You can continually upgrade your players and your stadiums, also get them better coaches and hire better doctors. You can even send spies to get info on the team you’re trying to beat. It’s a great strategy game that really makes gives you more control and more involvement in your virtual team’s success. And if you ever get tired of playing against NPCs, introduce the game to your friends and play against them online. This game is so entertaining. It’ll keep you occupied for a really long time.


The game is designed to test your management skills on handling different situations. As you progress in the game and go through different seasons, you don’t get to retain your original team. Each new season, you get to choose another team to handle and improve. This might seem like a let down, especially if you’re already attached to your current players but that just makes the game more exciting. It’ll give you the sense of urgency to power through each cycle for your current players’ sake.

Don’t be disappointed with losing your current team. Take it as a chance to start anew and do better. Plus, you get to retain all of your achievements from all your previous teams. You can view them all on your profile. The ultimate goal is to earn as much tickets and funds as you can and use them to upgrade and improve your current team.

If you feel that each season is too short, and you’re struggling to earn those much-needed funds, check out these cheats to quickly double your earnings.

Do tasks in exchange for tickets

There’s nothing more fun than playing against real people somewhere in the world unless of course you find yourself on the losing side, and then it’s not so fun anymore. This game has its own ticket which you can use to boost our chances of winning. Tickets are earned each season. If you happen to be short of tickets for your goal, don’t panic. There’s more than one way to earn those tickets and here’s the other one.

When you’re playing the game, you might have noticed some sketchy looking ads by supersonic. Try and click those when you get the chance because they can earn you tickets. Of course, they won’t just hand it to you. You have to do little tasks like playing a game for a declared amount of time or downloading a new game to your phone. It can be time-consuming but, it’ll pay off in the end. You’ll get ticket rewards for your efforts which you then use to pulverize your opponents.

Just be careful. Some of the Supersonic ads aren’t even worth the time and won’t earn you many tickets so pay close attention to the offers before going for them.

Help your scout do a better job

This game is a test of your strategy and your dedication as a manager of a soccer team. One of your biggest tasks is to put together a winning team. To do this, you need to send out a scout to scour different locations and come back with great soccer players. Of course, no matter how realistic and detailed this is, it’s still just numbers and algorithm and naturally, your scout will just return with players chosen at random.

One of the best things about this game is its player engagement. Instead of just letting the scout do its job, you as a player, can actually up his chances of coming back with better athletes. You can review players by league, by country, by race, and by nationality. This unique feature makes this game a cut above the rest. This way, you can choose your player before dispatching the scout to his location to recruit him. If you don’t want to scour for great players one by one, you can always just google good line ups online.

Buy your way to success

In order to improve your team and your stadium, you need money and the game’s currency is the Boss Coins that you earn each match you win. There are three other ways to gain more Boss Coins. The first is to auction your players. As you go through your season, you continually improve your players and their abilities. This won’t only up your chances of winning. It will also up their value when it’s time for you to sell them. Sell them to the maximum price that you think you can sell them for. But try to be reasonable when naming your price otherwise, nobody might want them.

The second method to get more Boss Coins is to earn more trophies. They will also contribute to your funds. Lastly, you can always cheat the game and throw some real money into it or use Online Soccer Manager hack. This game is not as expensive as other games. Get whooping number of 12,500,000 ingame Boss Coins for only 4 dollars and ninety nine cents. That’s a pretty good deal. Imagine what you can already do with that amount. The maximum amount of Boss Coins that you can buy is 100,000,000 which would cost you about 27 dollars and ninety nine cents. This is sure to get you and your team way further than your opponents ever can.

There you go manager. We wish you and your team success in all of your seasons. Of course, this list is just our suggested tips and tricks, if you know other OSM hacks, tell us about them in comments, and we’ll check it out.

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