Head Ball 2 Hack – Cheats, Tricks and Tips for Beginners

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The most downloaded football game on the market is getting a sequel. That’s right! Masomo is releasing a 2nd version to their hit game, Head Ball. It comes with great new upgrades and changes that will surely draw new players into the game and returning players deeper into it.


This game is simple. The ultimate goal is to get the ball over to the opponent’s net and score points. You’ll play against players from all over the world. The game gives fair chances to both sides. You and your opponent will take turns shooting the ball as well as defending it. Whoever scores more points at the end of the match, wins.

While this may seem easy, it’s actually a very enjoyable and complex strategy game. You’re given 18 types of moves to choose from everytime it’s your turn to launch the ball. Your success in accomplishing the move and its effectivity against the opponent depends on the skills and experiences you’ve accumulated so far. You have to think carefully and always be one step ahead of your opponent to win.

You’ll get points and rewards every time you win a match. You can use these to get new cards, upgrade your avatar, and level up.

So do you think you’re up for the challenge? Here are some Head Ball 2 hacks that could help you in your journey to become the next-best football player of our time.

Stack up on equipment cards

When you win matches, you don’t only level up your character. Sometimes you also get various equipment cards. These cards are vital in upgrading your character. Collecting the right amount of the same card will let you unlock an equipment. These equipments will make your character more powerful and their attacks more effective. With more powerful equipment, you’ll need those power attacks less and less. Even your normal 18 attacks are going to be more than enough to power through a match.

So collect as much as you can and don’t worry about getting the same cards even if you already have the equipment, the extra ones will just help upgrade that equipment.

Don’t put all your eggs on the strongest basket

Save your powers for later. You don’t really get much of them. Sure, they’re great and they’re effective, but you’ll always have the next match to look forward to. It’s better to save your powers for stronger players and in more desperate situations.

Plus, using your power too much will stunt your character’s growth. The point of the game is to keep improving as an athlete to be able to do those 18 types of attack more effectively. So as much as possible hold out on using those powers until you really has to or you’re fighting a really powerful opponent. Give yourself a chance to improve your other skills.

Save up for the new stadiums

Unlocking stadiums bring more than just new sceneries. They also bring new skills to your player. So the more stadiums you get, the more skilled you become and the more choices you’ll have in your attack menu. You can upgrade new attacks the same way you do regular ones. They won’t come easy, though. Unlocking stadiums take a lot of time, effort and patience. You’ll have to go through numerous matches to even unlock a single one.

Up your Defense

Think real football. The truth is that in real life, those scores barely move up. Players are more concerned about not letting their opponents score rather than hungrily going for the opposite goalie. It’s a very effective strategy. If your enemy can’t get a ball past you, they can’t win the game. Don’t rush getting a score. Instead, try to launch the ball back into the enemy goalie after you intercept it in your own. It’s not going to be effective majority of the time, but it’s bound to work at least once.

When you already have your score, focus solely on defending your goalie. Just make sure that your enemy doesn’t get lucky until time runs out, and you win. It’s that easy. Of course, it’s easier said than done but once you master doing it, it’ll get you way farther in the game.

Boost your powers

The game sometimes gives you an option to boost your powers. Be sure to stack up on diamonds and coins so you can get the upgrade whenever it pop-up. Watch out for an arrow icon in your power menu. Once you see it, click it quickly and sacrifice the necessary amount of coins and diamonds for it. These boosts will help you overcome really strong players when come across them in matches. So don’t hold back because of the number of coins that you have to give up, it’ll be worth it once you’re on the field.

Earn Bonus coins and diamonds

Once you’re already far into the game, you’ll realize how hard it is to earn that in game money without using Head Ball 2 cheats. Costumes costs around 3.5k each and you’re barely getting any by winning matches.

One sure-fire way to earn instant 2k coins is to link your game into your Facebook. It’s that easy and after you’re done doing it, you’ll see the reward money add up to your account. Imagine what you can buy with that money, and it’s given to you for free. Just remember that you won’t get any other bonuses in the future so use it wisely.

If you want to conquer this game, you need to set a winning mindset that you won’t give up on the game the second you find it hard or slow moving. This game has lots of loyal players. Some of them have just migrated to this version from the original one. They’re more familiar to the gameplay and have developed their own hacks and strategies. Understand that patience and critical thinking are important if you want to defeat veterans like that. Be sure to remember all the hacks that we mentioned here. They’ll help you out a lot. Of course, don’t be afraid to explore. After you found your own rhythm in the game, you’ll also develop a few hacks and tips on your own.

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