How to Become a Top Manager in Dream League Soccer 2019: 9 Cheats for Beginners.

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If you love soccer, then you should be familiar with First Touch Game’s Dream League Soccer and this year they have launched their 2019 version downloadable in both iOS and Android app stores. This new edition comes with a lot of upgrades from the previous ones, one of which is their updated list of players you actually know from the real sport. Like its predecessors though, they are not limited to their real-world teams. Here in the game, set in an alternate universe, the players are randomly distributed to fictional teams along with a number of actual teams you would know from European leagues.

In this game, you play as their manager, and the goal is to lead them from the bottom of the rankings up to the glorified Elite Division. When you start the game, your management career starts with choosing your team name, design a kit, and choose who you think is the best captain for you. When you have established your team, you need to play and win matches against other teams to rank up.

Here is my 9 Dream League Soccer 2019 hack tricks.

1. More Than a Manager

Progressing in this game, you will realize you are more than just the manager. Here you will learn to control every angle not only in team maintenance but also make big decisions during games, especially during crucial moments.

Team management includes deciding on who you want for your line-up and signing them up, plan your team plays and strategies, review and analyze their game statistics, and improve the team’s stadium facilities.

During the matches, similar games will only require you to get involved in offense during crucial situations. In Dream League Soccer 2019, you run the team for the whole 90-minute duration of the match, making strategies on both offense and defense parts of the game. If you are new to this kind of game play, it will take time to adjust. Fortunately, the controls are not that complicated. There are only three buttons namely A, B and C, each with a different function for both offense and defense patterns, and a joystick for movement.

  • During offensive plays, tapping on the:
    • A button allows you a long pass or an attempt to score through a goal.
    • The B button will command a short pass or a shot.
    • C will result to a floater.
  • When you are on defense:
    • Button A will dictate a challenge or an aggressive tackle.
    • B will direct for a short tackle.
    • C allows you to toggle from one player to the other.

To get a hang on these functions, the game returns with a Training mode found on the “My Club” menu. Here you can orient yourself on your offense and defense patterns. This mode is not only for new players but also for returning gamers who need to re-introduce themselves on how to play the game.

Another management duty is choosing your team captains. You need to evaluate your preferred playing style when deciding on who should lead your team. They should be good at the positions you plan on letting them play whether it is on offense or defense.

As indicated earlier, the game caters to real-life players but is randomly assigned to teams. You need to expect that your team could be composed of rival players from different real-world teams. Personally, that is an exciting adventure. Furthermore, don’t beat yourself up if you lose your preliminary game. You still need time to get used to it and for new players, the game will be giving 1000 coins upon finishing your first game, regardless if you win or lose. Now this is only for the newbies, returning players won’t have that gift.

2. Continued Gameplay for Returning Players

Normally, uninstalling games and returning will let you start over again. Fortunately, even with the upgrades and the major changes made from its 2018 version, your saved data will be carried over the 2019 update, which will allow you to continue where you left off.

For consistent players who have spent lots of time in taking care of their team in previous versions, this definitely brings good news. More so for those who have invested real money for the improvement of their team, all your in-app purchases won’t go to waste.

3. Importance of The Game

Being an action-packed gaming app, everything that happens when you are in play are vital to your success. You need to be able to control your players properly to avoid losing especially against weaker teams. Focus not only on how you handle the ball but also on how you conduct your players around the field. You need to multitask, predict your opponent’s play, look out for their defenders who are about to tackle you, check if you can run your plays and learn to adapt and change course if you find it hard to implement. Look for that open player who you can pass the ball to and look for other means of scoring that goal.

All of these you have to do by yourself, and it is daunting. That is why, we recommend you use the training mode to familiarize yourself with all the controls and functions you need to be doing for a smooth gameplay.

4. Don’t Be an Easy Opponent

When I say don’t be an easy opponent, I mean to not be predicable and try not to practice yourself into a routine when playing. You are playing against an intelligent AI system, and it wouldn’t do you any good to underestimate it. If you do the same moves during all your plays, the system will be able to familiarize itself with your strategy and start anticipating and blocking your passes or defensive tackles.

Try to change things up a bit with every play, and avoid repetitive tapping of buttons without planning on what you are doing. Try to adapt to your current game situation and use the most efficient way to score or defend. Learn a variety of special moves that will throw off your opponent. Being unpredictable will confuse the AI and help you win the game.

5. Proper Game Defense.

We often hear “the best offense is a good defense” and for some situations in Dream League Soccer, that will ring true. With the previous versions, all you had to do was tap the C button and depend on the AI for defense. In the 2019 version, the C button will let you switch from one player to another, but you have to command them on the defensive moves you want to use.

This makes the game smarter, and you are more accountable on how you handle your defending line. Before going around and harassing that C button, you need to take in to account what each player can do to help protect your goal. This will, again, require your skills in multitasking and thinking during the game.

6. Time Your Tackles.

Even though this is just a video game, violence will not be tolerated. Too much aggressiveness on your tackles can earn you fouls, penalties or worse, yellow cards. In this game, you don’t need to be combative. You need to be clever and know the perfect time on when to tackle your opponents for a defensive stance or when done right, come up with a steal.

Individually, the buttons A and B if abused will do you no good. You need to know the right moment when to use an aggressive tackle or a short tackle without resulting to a foul. Try to tackle players with possession upon their receipt of the ball and not too long after they get it. Aggressive tackles can be used when you plan to come from behind. Moreover, you need to be sensitive when you are inside the box since a wrong tackle can end up in penalty.

7. Saving a Penalty

Just like the penalty kicks you watch on real matches; you also have to guess the direction when trying to defend from one in this game. Although this is a rare situation, it’s nice if you are prepared for it. Most will have a starting position in the middle or some will start left or right. Either way, you will have to move your player to defend, simply by tapping on where you want him to go.

Now, without realizing it, you may become predictable in your defense pattern. Without knowing, you could be implementing a  left-right-left-right pattern in your direction and the AI can catch up on this. Be mindful when you change defensive directions and try to avoid patterns.

8. Rage Quitting.

Rage-quitting, for Dream League Soccer means exiting the game before the match ends. Now if this game is versus AI, returning to the game will start you where you left off. There are no rewinds that will allow you to correct your mistake so if the deed is done, there is no use in quitting.

PvP mode, however, is a different thing. Rage-quitting against human opponents will not only give you a loss but can also ban you from playing the game temporary or for long periods of time.

9. Bonus Coins.

You need coins to be able to develop your team in this game. Aside from earning them, you can also buy them in-app. However, the game offers free coins if you watch featured videos that will last at about 30 seconds. This will reward you 30 coins, which can help improve your team.

My Dream League Soccer 2019 hack is a fun yet very challenging tutorial. Hope you enjoy playing and with the hacks above, become a successful Team Manager.

Thank you for reading my hacks and cheats for DLS19, leave a comment bellow if you have any questions and I will try to answer ASAP 😉 bye!

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