What to do on day 77 of Firewatch? (2024)

How to complete day 77 Firewatch?

Clear aside the gaps in the brush, then examine the small backpack. After disabling the alarm, inspect the pack and radio Delilah. Head back to your tower and collect the cassette tape / Walkman you find taped to your door. Call Delilah about the tape to end the day.

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What do you do on day 78 on Firewatch?

Share All sharing options for: Firewatch walkthrough: Day 78. Time to investigate that cave. Head north from your watchtower and drop down from the rocks, taking the winding trail back to the cave's eastern entrance. Use the key you found last night to unlock the gate.

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Where to go on day 79 Firewatch?

Get into the car to leave the Two Forks region and head for Delilah's tower. After getting off the cable car, head up the path and take the stairs up into the Thoroughfare tower. Put on the large radio headset and talk to Delilah until your evacuation arrives.

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What happens on day 76 of Firewatch?

Someone has been spying on you! After you talk to Delilah, walk toward the canyon mouth and investigate the red walkie-talkie you find there — until someone sneaks up behind you and cold-co*cks you. When you come to, the red walkie, the clipboard and your assailant are all gone.


Can you ever meet Delilah in Firewatch?

As such, the player has the choice when making discoveries to report to her or not. The player never meets Delilah in person, leaving her appearance a mystery.

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Does Firewatch have multiple endings?

Parts of the alternate Firewatch ending were even recorded, but they never made it into the final game. Cissy Jones has revealed in a podcast that Firewatch was initially going to have a much different ending - without Delilah.

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Are there secrets in Firewatch?

On top of the rock at the base of the tree, you can find a small turtle that Henry can name and bring home to his lookout tower. It will keep the name he gives it for the remainder of the game - though if he decides that it's name is “a secret,” it will only be referred to as his “Pet Turtle.”

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Does Firewatch have swearing?

It's an interactive story adventure that deals quite brazenly with the shades of grey that adulthood is known for. The two central characters in Firewatch are neither all good nor all bad but are just as likely to behave selfishly as they are altruistically. Aside from some swearing (f***, s***, etc.)

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Is Firewatch time sensitive?

In Firewatch, Time progresses according to the narrative. Some things will happen obviously at certain times of the day, yet the time will progress. The time doesn't move according to real life.

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How do you confirm what Delilah is seeing Firewatch?

Eventually she will ask if you see the Map Table/Fire Finder. (The round thing in the middle of the room) Look at it to respond. While telling you about the Fire Finder, Delilah will spot fireworks being set off out your west facing window. You can use the compass if you can't spot the fireworks.

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How many days do you actually play in Firewatch?

The main story takes place during the summer of 1989 and lasts a total of 79 days. You don't actually play the 79 days, as the game jumps to different days as you progress. The plot is thrilling and suspenseful as Henry and Delilah try to uncover a mystery that is brewing in the National Park.

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Is Firewatch stressful?

But the setting, in all of its vast loneliness, elevates a spooky story to downright scary and stressful; it's not a horror game, more of an interactive thriller.

What to do on day 77 of Firewatch? (2024)

Why does Delilah leave in Firewatch?

After teasing a potential relationship between the wandering Henry and his unmet partner Delilah, you get to her location finally and she has purposefully left before Henry could meet her. Delilah reflects on their absurd adventure and ultimately tells Henry to go back to his wife.

Is Firewatch a horror game?

Firewatch is not a survival horror game, and yet playing it for the first time can make you think otherwise as you are chasing shadowy figures in the dark and stumbling across suspicious camps, unarmed and as confused as Henry as to what is really going on.

What happens if you don't get in the helicopter Firewatch?

While it's not as exciting as it sounds, there is an alternate ending to Firewatch. If you wait two minutes after the chopper arrives and don't climb in, it'll fly off without Henry, leaving him in the burning forest.

Do Henry and Delilah ever meet?

She is located on Thorofare Lookout on the far north of Henry's tower. Henry remains in nearly constant contact with her via radio and can be reached at any and time she or Henry starts a conversation or Henry finds something worth reporting to her, except during sections taking place in the cave.

What to do if you get stuck in Firewatch?

Without saving in your stuck state, load your current save from the Pause Menu. This should bring you back to your previous manual save or latest autosave. (Make sure to select LOAD rather than SAVE.) You'll likely have to replay a few minutes of content to get back to where you were in the story when you got stuck.


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