What to do Firewatch day 3? (2023)

What to do Firewatch day 3?

Day 03. After two days of hiking and hard work, Henry needs to board up the broken window of his lookout tower. Talk to Delilah while making your way down to the base of the tower, then pick up the boards at the base of the stairs.

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How many days do you actually play in Firewatch?

The main story takes place during the summer of 1989 and lasts a total of 79 days. You don't actually play the 79 days, as the game jumps to different days as you progress. The plot is thrilling and suspenseful as Henry and Delilah try to uncover a mystery that is brewing in the National Park.

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Can you go see Delilah in Firewatch?

As such, the player has the choice when making discoveries to report to her or not. The player never meets Delilah in person, leaving her appearance a mystery.

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How many endings are there in Firewatch?

The stuff I said up there is the full answer to this question, but, in short: "No, there aren't really multiple endings." So from how i understand it, there are different dialogues throughout the game, depending on your choices, but that doesn't seem to resolve in multiple different endings.

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What do you have to do in Firewatch?

Firewatch is what some in the community call a "walking simulator," meaning the whole objective of the game is to walk around from location A to B. As you walk through the beautiful environments the game has, you'll experience its engaging story.

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Does Firewatch have endings?

Tier 4. Despite not having a changeable narrative, Firewatch does actually have an alternative ending that not many players will experience. At the end of the game, Henry is being evacuated as a fire rips through the forest. The player must direct Henry onto a helicopter before flying away to end the game.

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Are there secrets in Firewatch?

On top of the rock at the base of the tree, you can find a small turtle that Henry can name and bring home to his lookout tower. It will keep the name he gives it for the remainder of the game - though if he decides that it's name is “a secret,” it will only be referred to as his “Pet Turtle.”

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Can you get a gun in Firewatch?

But in Firewatch, you don't have a gun -- you have a walkie-talkie. You don't get to shoot -- you just get to talk. The traditional hypermasculine symbol is replaced by another, one with more complex affordances.

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Is there any Romance in Firewatch?

Firewatch, with its two characters cut off from the rest of the world and (physically) from one another, is the perfect setting for romance.

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Do your choices matter in Firewatch?

Someone who stops and picks up the pieces when no one else will. Source: Firewatch Wiki. Every part of the ludonarrative of this game is conveying the same message. Your choices don't matter, not really, because the tragedy that is happening in Henry's life doesn't care about his choices, or Julia's.

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Can you find Ned in Firewatch?

Ned is first seen as a shadowed figure shining a light down at Henry when he returns from the lake after exiting the cave in Thunder Canyon.

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Is there a monster in Firewatch?

The only real monster in Firewatch is your imagination. Fear of the unknown is the greatest horror, and in Firewatch, the unknown takes a special, all encompassing form.

What to do Firewatch day 3? (2023)
What happens if you take the other supplies in Firewatch?

If you chose to have Henry take all (or at least one) of the other supply boxes from the drop point, Delilah will call you en route to the outhouse to chastise you.

What happens if you don't get in the helicopter Firewatch?

While it's not as exciting as it sounds, there is an alternate ending to Firewatch. If you wait two minutes after the chopper arrives and don't climb in, it'll fly off without Henry, leaving him in the burning forest.

What to do on day 77 of Firewatch?

After disabling the alarm, inspect the pack and radio Delilah. Head back to your tower and collect the cassette tape / Walkman you find taped to your door. Call Delilah about the tape to end the day.

What is the code for 306 in Firewatch?

Upon reaching Cache Box 306, use the code 1, 2, 3, 4 to open it. Pick up the rope inside and copy the map information. Once you reach a slope that you can't move beyond (Cripple Gulch), attach a rope hook and rappel to the area below.

Does Firewatch skip days?

In Firewatch, Time progresses according to the narrative. Some things will happen obviously at certain times of the day, yet the time will progress. The time doesn't move according to real life.

How long does Firewatch have to stay after hot work?

Fire watches must continue monitoring the hot work area for at least 30 minutes after completion of the hot work to ensure nothing ignites. This includes all areas that required additional fire watch personnel (e.g., blind compartments and different levels within a space).

What happens on day 76 of Firewatch?

Someone has been spying on you! After you talk to Delilah, walk toward the canyon mouth and investigate the red walkie-talkie you find there — until someone sneaks up behind you and cold-cocks you. When you come to, the red walkie, the clipboard and your assailant are all gone.

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