Is Swatch water resistant 3 bar shock resistant? (2024)

Is Swatch water resistant 3 bar shock resistant?

Are Swatch watches water-resistant? We indicate that Swatch watches are ´water-resistant´ to an overpressure of 3 bar or 10 bar or 20 bar. Depending on the model of the watch. These indications correspond to the pressure exercised during the water-resistant test according to the ISO norm 22810.

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Can you swim in 3 bar Swatch?

30 meters/100 feet/3 bar: General water resistant watches can withstand minor moisture from splashing, but should not be worn for swimming, diving, bathing, or showering. These watches are the most misunderstood.

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What is 3 bar water resistant Swatch?

Swatch measures water resistance a bit differently. Water resistance is designated as 3 bar, 10 bar, or 20 bar – a designation that accounts for water pressure in the testing environment. Their measurements are equivalent to the standard water resistance measurements of 30, 100, and 200 metres.

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Can you wear a Swatch in the shower?

Every Swatch watch will remain water-resistant provided that the crown, pushers, glass, case and gaskets remain intact. (Crown and pushers must never be manipulated under water!)

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How good is 3 bar water resistance?

A Water Resistant of 3 bar or ATM / 30m, has a very low resistance, able to withstand rain, sweat and accidental splashes of water when washing hands or face. A 5 bar or ATM / 50m Water Resistant can be subjected to limited water pressure, so you can take a shower or bath and swim.

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Is 3 bar water pressure good watch?

3 BAR / 3 ATM / 30m / 100ft:

Your watch can withstand accidental splashes. You can also keep it during shower but we recommend you do so only if the watch is new or has been recently resealed. This is because the watch water resistance seal may degrade over time, especially if it takes a knock.

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Can I shower with 3bar watch?

3 bar ≈ 3 ATM (≈ 30 m)

The watch is not suitable for showering or swimming.

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Can I wear my Swatch watch swimming?

Yes, you can swim with Swatch watches, provided they have a suitable water-resistance rating.

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Can I watch 3 get wet?

Apple Watch Series 2 and later can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean, but you shouldn't use models other than Apple Watch Ultra for diving, water skiing, or other activities involving submersion below shallow depth or high-velocity water.

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How water-resistant is a Swatch?

Are Swatch watches water-resistant? We indicate that Swatch watches are ´water-resistant´ to an overpressure of 3 bar or 10 bar or 20 bar. Depending on the model of the watch. These indications correspond to the pressure exercised during the water-resistant test according to the ISO norm 22810.

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What does 3 bar water pressure mean?

Water pressure is a measure of the force of the water moving through your pipes. Water pressure is measured in bars, with 1 bar being the force needed to raise water to a height of 10 metres. Each tap or shower will be rated with a minimum required pressure rating, typically between 0.1 and 3 bar.

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What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

So, materials like polyester and nylon naturally withstand more water than cotton just because of their construction. But a water-resistant jacket can only stand up to so much rain. A waterproof material, on the other hand, provides a complete barrier to water. In this sense a plastic bag is waterproof.

Is Swatch water resistant 3 bar shock resistant? (2024)

What is the weakness of Swatch?

Weaknesses: Although Swatch has a diverse product portfolio, it is heavily dependent on the income from its core watch business, making it vulnerable to market fluctuations and consumer preferences.

What makes Swatch so special?

Secondly, Swatch watches are very desirable because at a very affordable price they come with a Swiss-made quartz movement, and they are very durable (made of either plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum, and water-resistant).

Can you wear G shocks in the shower?

20-bar water resistance

You can wear your G-SHOCK in all sorts of situations, from working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing or jet skiing.

Is 3 bar low pressure?

The base measurement for this is that one bar is the force required to push water up to the height of 10 metres. Generally speaking, anything 0.3 bar or below requires a low water pressure tap or shower, and anything at 1.0 bar or above requires a high water pressure tap or shower.

At what depth is water pressure 3 bar?

The answer to your question is: 3bars = 20 meters or 66 feet. And we will not recommend a 3 ATM/BAR watch for serious diving.

What is the flow rate of a shower at 3 bar?

The shower will take up to 5 bar. The quoted flow rate for 3 bar is 11 l/min.

Is 3 bar pressure too high?

High boiler pressure isn't dangerous, even if it's showing as three bar on the pressure gauge. In most cases, the boiler will turn itself off if the pressure goes about a certain level and a working PRV should successfully control the pressure, preventing it from getting too high.

Is 3 bars high pressure?

Yes. Boiler pressure is considered too high when the arrow in the pressure gauge points to the red zone exceeding 2 bars. If your boiler's pressure rises to 3 bar, it's too high. Increases in boiler pressure may not be an immediate cause of concern when the heating is on.

How much water resistance should a watch have?

Water-resistance ratings for watches:
RatingWater-Resistant toSuitable for
3 ATM30 meters/100 feetEveryday use. No swimming.
5 ATM50 meters/165 feetShort periods of swimming. No diving or snorkeling.
10 ATM100 meters/330 feetSwimming and snorkeling.
20 ATM200 meters/660 feetHigh-impact water sports and some diving.
1 more row

Is Swatch watch a good brand?

Swatch has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality and long-lasting watches that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Is Swatch watch durable?

Both Seiko and Swatch are reputable brands of wristwatches, known for their quality and durability. However, it is difficult to say definitively which brand is more durable, as this can depend on a number of factors, such as the specific model of watch, how well it is maintained, and the wearer's lifestyle.

What type of watch is Swatch?

Swatch Originals

The Originals are plastic-cased watches. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The Originals consist of various sub-families as well.

Why does my Swatch touch keep blinking?

The End of Life (EOL) indicates, by blinking screen or hands movements, that the battery is approaching its end. EOL function is shown mostly with products with a Lithium battery. On Swatch Touch: The numbers will start to blink. This will last for 3 hours and then the blinking will stop.


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