How can I watch Italian series? (2024)

Where can I watch Italian TV shows for free?

If you want to watch Italian TV online for free from the US, you can use a free service like RaiPlay. Other options include accessing Italian broadcast channels, such as LA7 and DMAX Italia, online.

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Where can I watch Italian series with English subtitles?

Netflix has quite a few Italian programmes. Also all their own content is available dubbed/subtitled.

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How can I watch Italian Rai TV in USA?

In order to bypass this geo-block, you will need to obtain an Italian IP address, the easiest way to get one is through a reliable VPN service. This is why you'll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to stream Rai TV in the US region.

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How can I watch Serie A for free in USA?

You have a few options, including RaiPlay, BT Sports, Amazon Prime Video, Kayo Sports, and beIN Sports. We recommend RaiPlay as it's completely free. However, these streaming platforms are only available in specific locations, so you will need a VPN to access them.

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Does Roku have any Italian channels?

CIAO ITALY TV | TV app | Roku Channel Store | Roku.

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How can I watch Italian TV outside Italy?

The greatest thing about VPNs is that they allow you to access any content you want without geo-restrictions imposing annoying limits. As you learned today, you can watch Italian TV channels outside of Italy using a VPN like ExpressVPN or CyberGhost.

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How do I watch Italian on Amazon Prime?

How to change Amazon Prime Video country with a VPN
  1. Download and install a VPN app. ...
  2. Connect to a VPN server in the US or another country depending on which library you want to access.
  3. Log in your Amazon Prime Video account to see the US content catalog.
  4. Choose a title an click the Watch Now button.

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Is there an Italian TV channel?

Radiotelevisione Italiana, Italy's national public service station broadcasts 3 channels - Rai Uno, Rai Due and Rai Tre - as well as a news and sports channel.

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How can I watch Italian Netflix in the US?

If you want to watch Netflix Italy while outside of the country, you'll need a VPN to spoof your location. ExpressVPN is the best choice for unblocking Netflix Italy because of its various Italian servers, fast speeds and support for smart TVs. NordVPN is a faster option, while Surfshark is the most affordable.

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Does Netflix have Italian shows?

Luna Nera (Black Moon) is a 2020 Italian show on Netflix and the first Italian fantasy TV show on the platform.

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How can I watch Italian Serie B in the US?

Serie B: Live Stream & on TV today on JustWatch.

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How can I access RaiPlay outside of Italy?

How to watch RaiPlay outside Italy?
  1. Get a VPN. ...
  2. Download VPN for your device. ...
  3. Launch the app and sign in. ...
  4. Connect to a server in Italy. ...
  5. Stream RaiPlay!

How can I watch Italian series? (2024)

Is RaiPlay app free?

RaiPlay registration - available on mobile and web apps - is free, secure and Rai will protect your data without giving it to anyone. If the rights to your content are available, you can also use it from abroad.

How can I watch all series for free?

Best Streaming Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free
  1. Project Free TV. Kicking off this list is ProjectFreeTV, a streaming site that has been around for quite a while now. ...
  2. Noxx. Up next is Noxx, an offshoot of the popular AtoZ Movies streaming website. ...
  3. Tubi TV. ...
  4. TV Muse. ...
  5. Soap2day. ...
  6. WatchSeries HD. ...
  7. Yidio. ...
  8. Primewire.

Who carries Serie A in USA?

Serie A Italian Soccer ⚽️ Watch Live Matches on Paramount Plus.

What are the main Italian TV channels?

Most important all national free-to-view channels
  • RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana S.p.A.
  • Mediaset S.p.A.
  • Cairo Communication S.p.A.
  • Discovery Italia S.r.l.
  • Sky Italia S.r.l.
  • Paramount Networks Italia S.r.l.
  • Boing S.p.A. (51% Mediaset, 49% Warner Bros. Discovery)
  • Byoblu Edizioni S.r.l.s.

What is the box to watch Italian TV?

With CIBORTV Box you have access to 300+ Italian Channels from all over the world. All that is required is a stable Internet Connection! The box needs to be installed with 1 HDMI cable to the TV. In less than 1 minute, you can stream everything.

How many channels is Rai Italia?

Rai Italia also strives to meet the demands for information and services from Italian communities abroad. Rai Italia broadcasts three television channels, via satellite, which vary according to the different geographical targets.

How can I watch Rai TV outside of Italy?

1. Use a VPN to Watch Rai TV
  1. Install a VPN service.
  2. Open it on your device and log in.
  3. Choose an Italian server from the IP list to connect.
  4. Enter and get access to Rai TV online outside Italy.
  5. Verdict: Surfshark is a reliable VPN service that lets you watch Rai TV from anywhere in the world.


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